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World of Warcraft Shadowlands Engineering Guide


The reason that Engineering is paired up with Mining is that you can farm most of the material that you are required during the levelling phase. Thus, allowing you to save a ton of your hard-earned gold. The following guide centers around the fastest and cheapest methods of levelling up the Engineering profession in the Shadowlands. Also, before we begin, there are a few things that you need to know and require to obtain. So, let’s get started!

Engineering Trainers

The Shadowlands Engineering can be learned from the NPC named Machinist Au’gur, who is located in the Halls of Shapes, Oribos. To be precise, the coordinates are 38.1, 44.7. If you’re not already aware, Oribos is the city hub for both factions in the Shadowlands, and it is also the area where you arrive after completing the intro quests.

Engineering Tools

To make it easier for you, we have listed down the Engineering tools that you will require during your journey – Blacksmith Hammer from any Engineering or Blacksmith supply vendor, Arclight Spanner (requires 50 Vanilla Engineering to craft), Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor (requires 175 Vanilla Engineering to craft), and High-Powered Bolt Gun (requires 15 skill point in Cataclysm Engineering to craft). If you are looking to save up some bag space, we recommend that you obtain a Gnomish Army Knife because it replaces the tools that are mentioned above. Aside from that, it also replaces Jeweler’s Kit, Virtuoso Inking Set, and Runed Copper Rod. You can obtain a superior variant (Ultimate Gnomish Knife) from the Auction House, by learning Draenor Engineering and crafting it yourself, or alternatively, you can craft the normal variant (Gnomish Army Knife) after learning Northrend Engineering.

Approximate Materials Required

330 x Laestrite Ore, 200 x Porous Stone, 24 x Twilight Bark, 30 x Luminous Flux – Sold by vendors., 30 x Machinist’s Oil – Sold by vendors., 15 x Oriblase, 15 x Angerseye, 20 x Shrouded Cloth, and 4 x Umbriel. The Luminous Flux and Machinist’s Oil can be purchased from the NPC named Distributor Au’burk. You can also purchase Twilight Barks from him. However, it is at a limited stock.

Shadowlands Engineering

The characters who are of the Gnome class get a heads up with +15 Engineering because of their passive Engineering Specialization, and the Kul Tiran characters get +5 from their Jack of All Trades trait. Extra Engineering skills result in recipes remaining orange for more points, allowing you to save a ton of TBC Gold by doing lower-tier recipes for more experience points.

Where can I find the anvil in Oribos?

The anvil is located in the middle of the Hall of Shapes, right next to the forge. You may have to walk back and forth from the anvil to your respective Engineering trainer, which gets a little annoying. However, you can avoid that by purchasing a Thermal Anvil from the Auction House, or you can craft one if you have level 25 Engineering for this shadowlands engineering guide.

Levelling Up

Levels 1 to 90

The following recipes are the most used in Shadowlands Engineering, so you can benefit from the first few levels by making them – Porous Polishing Abrasive (Porous Stone) and Handful of Laestrite Bolts (Laestrite Ore). Make these two items till you reach level 25, and then start by making Mortal Coiled Spring (Porous Polishing Abrasive and Laestrite Ore) till level 35, Precision Lifeforce Inverter (Laestrite Ore, Mortal Coiled Spring, Handful of Laestrite Bolts, and Twilight Barks) till level 41, Mortal Coiled Spring (Porous Polishing Abrasive and Laestrite Ore) till level 46, Wormfed Gear Assembly (Handful of Laestrite Bolts, Porous Polishing Abrasive, and Laestrite Ore) till level 50, Disposable Spectrophasic Reanimator (Wormed Gear Assembly, Mortal Coiled Spring, and Handful of Laestrite Bolts) till level 55, Wormfed Gear Assembly (Handful of Laestrite Bolts, Porous Polishing Abrasive, and Laestrite Ore) till level 76 Engineering, and finally, you have to option to either make Infra-Green Reflex Sight (Wormed Gear Assembly, Handful of Laestrite Bolts, and Oriblase), or Optical Target Embiggener (Wormed Gear Assembly, Handful of Laestrite Bolts, Angerseye and Oriblase) till you reach level 90 in this Shadowlands Engineering guide.

Recommendation: Shadowlands Engineering World Quest

Engineering World Quests pop up in the game every now and then in a few days. They provide a +1 Shadowlands Engineering skill point to locate a small Engineering icon on your world map. However, you are required to have at least level 60 in the Engineering profession. All things considered for this engineering leveling guide, if you don’t have to rush your way to level 100, then we suggest you save up some WoW gold by completing these quests.

Recommendation: Darkmoon Faire

You can check your game’s calendar to figure out whether the Darkmoon Faire is open or not for this engineering leveling guide. The calendar is located in the top-right corner of your mini-map, and the event of the Darkmoon Faire starts at 00:01 on the first Sunday of every month (according to the game’s calendar). You can easily gain +5 skill points by completing a single quest, which is also another way to level up while saving gold – if you’re not hasty to reach the end target for this wow engineering guide.

Levels 90 to 100

First, you need to make Flexible Ectoplasmic Specs for this wow engineering guide, requiring Wormfed Gear Assembly, Handful of Laestrite Bolts, Umbryl, and Shrouded Cloth, till you reach level 97. In the last few levels, we suggest that you don’t rush up and spend a ton of your hard-earned gold, and instead, complete a few World Quests. However, if you are looking to reach level 100 quickly, then you will need the schematics called PHA7-YNX, which is the only recipe that cannot be crafted, and to obtain it, you must reach Exalted reputation rank with the Ascended faction – because you cannot purchase it elsewhere.