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World of Warcraft Warrior Guide / Warrior Leveling Guide

There are so many World of Warcraft guides out there. But they’re all too expensive. If you just follows these simple tips in the World of Warcraft Warrior Guide / Warrior Leveling Guide, you won’t need any other guides. Just follow these simple rules and watch the experience roll in as you plunder and pillage the land in World of Warcraft. Warriors can take a beating, but you need to know when to stop killing and start healing. It’s all here.
Warrior Leveling Guide Rule 1:

At the time of writing this article, Fury is the absolute number 1, best spec to be when you’re leveling up. Why? Well, because protection does no damage, making it take too long to kill any monsters in an efficiency whatsoever. Arms is pretty good still, but it doesn’t carry over the speed and reliability that Fury does. You’ll get bigger crits and such with an Arms warrior, but for leveling, you’re not going to see the consistency, which is exactly what we want. Spec Fury if you want to level up your Warrior Fast!

Warrior Leveling Guide Rule 2:

Always, always, always carry bandages. Bandages are going to be your bread and butter for making efficient kills over and over again. Think about it. If you don’t have some means to heal yourself after every fight, the time it takes you is going to DOUBLE or TRIPLE just because you have to sit there and heal up before rushing into another fight. Food is good too, but bandages are better. The reason for this is that bandages can be used in combat, and can be contructed right there on the spot in the battlefield from cloth that humanoids drops. Bandages, Bandages, Bandages are a must. BANDAGES!!!!!!

Warrior Leveling Guide Rule 3:

Always use your Rage enchaning moves. It might sound like common sense, but I’ve seen Fury warriors not charging into battle. When you first start the battle, the order goes as follows:

1) Charge
2) Bloodrage
3) Heroic Strike (or Bloodthirst when you get higher)
4) Hamstring
5) Heroic Strike
6) Bandage

Repeat this process as many times as necessary to get your victory. This gives you the ultimate in control, efficiency and damage as you progress from fight to fight. Remember, if you’re trying to power level a Warrior in World of Warcraft, every second counts. If you save 5 seconds on every fight, and you fight 10,000 battles, you can see how quickly that adds up.

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