New World of Warcraft 31 Point Talent Tree

With Cataclysm coming out soon, information is trickling down to us and we are more than welcome to grab it and dissect the inner workings of every single new, old, improved, or removed mechanism.

While there certainly is a lot to talk about, I would like to mention the new talent trees. As it stands, World of Warcraft’s talent tree is comprised of 71 points that we’re free to use as we see it. Cataclysm will change that and give us only 31.

Furthermore, once a player decides to invest their points in a specific talent tree, they will pretty much be stuck with this for a little while.

People seem to be up in about those two issues, and I, for one, can’t figure out why. They are both sides of the same coin. It’s obvious that what Blizzard is trying to accomplish is making the game easier to understand for new players.

Forcing a player to basically choose only one path is a way of making sure that they will understand the role of said path. At a very low level, they will acquire their path’s token ability and will be much more able to understand its mechanic and its role in the grand scheme of things.

As for 31 points instead of 71, to me, it makes sense. Blizzard is trying to trim the fat off the talent trees. For example, they are removing a talent that decreases damage taken by 2% in which you can sign 5 points for a total of 10%. This talent is very good and most people get it. But once Cataclysm hits, this will be a 1 point talent that gives you 10%.

Many people are complaining that trimming the trees down will only “dumb the game down and make everyone play a cookie-cutter spec”, but I don’t see it this way. Everyone already is playing a cookie-cutter spec. Take any Arms warrior, Holy paly, Sub rogue, etc. of any top-rated raiding guild and you will find striking similarities in their respective spec. A “cookie-cutter” spec is only a spec that everyone has. One reason is that it works. You will never see some exotic spec that only one person has that is better than the rest. No, everyone has it, because it works. Some small details may vary and show personal preferences, but in the end, it’s all very similar.

By slimming the talent trees down, Blizzard seems to aim at removing those small preferences and helping people learn their class. I, for one, approve.

The History of Tanking in the World of Warcraft

When raiding started in vanilla World of Warcraft, there was one choice for a main tank, a protection spec warrior. The off tanks were dps speced warriors and that was it. Occasionally you had a feral druid off tank, and when dealing with undead a paladin would sporadically step in and help out. This was the height of warrior dominance in tanking; there really wasn’t any other choice. If your main tank didn’t show the raid would be canceled and 39 other people had nothing to do for the night.
Then came the Burning Crusade expansion and everything changed. Suddenly druids and paladins became capable of tanking instances. Druids were the first main tanks in Karazhan. They didn’t need much gear to be defense capped and had large health pools. Soon warriors returned to their dominance once they got gear, they kept the main tank spot thanks to tradition and some gimmick fights that required spell reflect on bosses.

But then something changed near the end of the expansion. Paladins gained enough stamina to catch up on the gap between them and warriors. Also everyone got tired of using CC on mobs, thanks to consecration, paladins became the tank for 5 mans. This was seen the most once Magister’s Terrace was released, most dps refused to run the instance unless a paladin was tanking.

Now with the release of Wrath of the Lich King there is another tanking class in the mix, Death Knights. Much like druids and paladins before them, they have some ground to catch up on. Guilds are using tanks that aren’t warriors on new content and being just as successful. Warriors are still seen as THE main tank. But this is not the case; it is tradition that holds warriors on the top of the heap. Every other class can hold their own at the same gear level a warrior can with the same results. There are spread sheets that prove every tanking class as the best. And with less gimmick fights in this expansion that require a certain kind of tank, every class is proving the sheets true. We have moved past the time that warriors are the have all be all tank and really the concept of main tank may even be going by the way side. Knowing every tank’s strength and weakness in situations and checking your ego at the instance portal can help immensely when it comes to tanking and progress. And that is exactly how it should be where the best player gets the main tank spot in a raid, not a certain class.

World of Warcraft Warrior Guide / Warrior Leveling Guide

There are so many World of Warcraft guides out there. But they’re all too expensive. If you just follows these simple tips in the World of Warcraft Warrior Guide / Warrior Leveling Guide, you won’t need any other guides. Just follow these simple rules and watch the experience roll in as you plunder and pillage the land in World of Warcraft. Warriors can take a beating, but you need to know when to stop killing and start healing. It’s all here.
Warrior Leveling Guide Rule 1:

At the time of writing this article, Fury is the absolute number 1, best spec to be when you’re leveling up. Why? Well, because protection does no damage, making it take too long to kill any monsters in an efficiency whatsoever. Arms is pretty good still, but it doesn’t carry over the speed and reliability that Fury does. You’ll get bigger crits and such with an Arms warrior, but for leveling, you’re not going to see the consistency, which is exactly what we want. Spec Fury if you want to level up your Warrior Fast!

Warrior Leveling Guide Rule 2:

Always, always, always carry bandages. Bandages are going to be your bread and butter for making efficient kills over and over again. Think about it. If you don’t have some means to heal yourself after every fight, the time it takes you is going to DOUBLE or TRIPLE just because you have to sit there and heal up before rushing into another fight. Food is good too, but bandages are better. The reason for this is that bandages can be used in combat, and can be contructed right there on the spot in the battlefield from cloth that humanoids drops. Bandages, Bandages, Bandages are a must. BANDAGES!!!!!!

Warrior Leveling Guide Rule 3:

Always use your Rage enchaning moves. It might sound like common sense, but I’ve seen Fury warriors not charging into battle. When you first start the battle, the order goes as follows:

1) Charge
2) Bloodrage
3) Heroic Strike (or Bloodthirst when you get higher)
4) Hamstring
5) Heroic Strike
6) Bandage

Repeat this process as many times as necessary to get your victory. This gives you the ultimate in control, efficiency and damage as you progress from fight to fight. Remember, if you’re trying to power level a Warrior in World of Warcraft, every second counts. If you save 5 seconds on every fight, and you fight 10,000 battles, you can see how quickly that adds up.

Thanks for viewing the World of Warcraft Warrior Guide / Warrior Leveling Guide.

World of Warcraft Leveling Tips

We all have those first 39 levels before we get our epic mount. Before that golden 40th level you have inferior abilities, and you travel painstakingly slow. This is where I come in to help. I have a level 80, and I am in the process of leveling my new warlock to level 80 as well. So here is the lowdown on easy leveling.
First of all when you hit level 20 you gain three very important things; your first mount, new abilities and the ability to enter the BattleGround Arathi Basin. These are all important in different ways. First, obviously new and improved abilities help you kill things faster and stay alive longer, which makes for faster leveling. Of course your mount helps you move around the world of Azeroth faster which helps with questing.

Arathi Basin is a surprisingly good way to level at the early parts of your bracket. For instance, you could go from level 21-24 in about 3 games if you win. This is because the exp rewards at this level are higher than when you get into later levels. The reason I didn’t mention Warsong Gulch is because in Arathi Basin, you get exp whether or not your team “capped the flag”. In Warsong Gulch, there is often what is called ‘turtling’ which is where both sides play defense (normally because they have each other’s flags) and this makes games last forever with hardly any exp. In Warsong Gulch games are often pretty evenly split since you recieve exp throughout the whole game. Also, your team doesn’t “give up” as much.

Also, whenever you do BG remember to pick up the ‘daily’ quest from Orgrimmar. This rewards you with extra honor, gold, and exp. It also boosts your reputation with Orgrimmar. But remember, Arathi Basin should be done sparingly, the best way to level is always through questing (unless you are a mage of course). But the daily quest makes it slightly more rewarding. An added perk of doing BGs is that you come out of them chock full of buffs which you can use for questing. In fact, when I know im going to have a hard fight I go into Warsong Gulch, get some buffs and /afk my way out. Cruel, I know, but the twinks can handle it.

Also I advise getting a questing addon, such as QuestHelper to help with waypoints and other questing notes. Until you ding 80 (or unless you have alot of cash) I would advise getting 2 different gathering skills. For casters Herbalism and Skinning are good choices and for melee classes I would advise mining and skinning. Have fun in the world of Azeroth!

10 Commandments of Dungeon Crawling

Grouping is an essential part of any MMORPG. Most of the time, you have your basic classes – the tank, a healer or buffer and three to four other support classes that add damage, buffs or crowd control. Each person in the group has to know their class role in order to make the group work efficiently. They also must remember the 10 commandments of a group.

1. Thou shalt not covet thy tank’s aggro

You are not the tank. No matter how much you want to be, you are not. Your job is to be a supporting role and not to take all of the damage. Give your tank and healers a break, let the tank take the beating.

2. If thou covet thy tank’s aggro, thou must runneth to thy tank

Running away when a mob pays attention to you is a very bad idea. Your tank is a melee class, you may not be. If you run, then your tank has to turn around and run after you. Instead of running away, go to the tank and let them get the hate off you.

3. If thou spankest it (and thy tank did not) thou wilst tank it.

In World of Warcraft, I had a macro when my Mage sheeped a mob. It was a simple warning to my group “I’m sheeping (target). You spank it, you tank it”. That saying is good for any group when dealing with pulls. The mob isn’t yours to engage unless you are specifically asked to. Let your tank worry about who engages a mob.

4. Thou wilst control all pets at all times in thy group

Every game I can think of has either a pet system or pet class. You ultimately control your pets in the game world. This is double in a group. Make sure your pets are well controlled and don’t add extra grief on the rest of the group.

5. Thou wilst protect thy healer

Healers/buffers/debuffers – no matter what you call them, they keep your group alive. When you know it’s a sticky situation or a sticky pull, make sure your healer stays alive. Pull the mobs off them if you can and run them to the tank. Yes, this is the only time you can break #3. If you spank it (and save the healer), you do not have to tank it.

6. Stayeth out of fire and glowing stuff

Fire bad. Glowy stuff bad. It’s usually some sort of damage over time or life threatening dot that murders you in three seconds flat. If there is glowy stuff or fire on your screen, get out of it.

7. Thou wilst not go “afk” for an hour

It happens. You have to tell a group “Sorry guys, I will be right back”. Life is more important than games and that includes a restroom or drink break. Don’t go away for a long period of time if you can help it. If you know you are going to be gone for more than 5 minutes, it may be time to throw in the towel and tell the group to find someone to replace you.

8. Thou wilst be prepared

Get it out of your system now. I know, “You are not prepared!”. There, I did it for you. Being prepared for a group means you have everything you may need whether that’s in-game items or a glass of water. It will also probably keep you from breaking #7.

9. Thou shalt not call thy group names or nerd rage

All groups can go bad, no matter how well you know each other or how often you play together. Pick up groups or pugs have the largest potential to go horribly wrong. Don’t get frustrated and take it out on your group. It’s just a game, it happens. Instead of calling names or blaming someone, just leave the group and do something else. It’s not worth getting nerd rage over.

10. Thou shalt have fun

The most important rule is this one. Having fun keeps things casual and keeps the game what it is – a game. Enjoy yourself and if you stop enjoying yourself, go do something else that you will enjoy.

Creative Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse was Made for Hardcore Video Gamers

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